ALYS is a female vocal who was designed to produce French and Japanese, she was the second vocal release for the software and the first to sing in French. She is illustrated by Saphirya. Alys is currently "the most famous" of the Alter/Ego vocals due to her coverage from originally being introduced as an "upcoming French Vocaloid".

ALYS is voiced by French Utaite, Poucet[1]

History Edit


On January 13, 2013, the first hint of the possible French VOCALOID was given when enthusiastic news was posted on with the intention of announcing the project.[2] Some communities were skeptical due to the lack of news from well-known sources.[3] However, on October 16 of the same year, Anders of VocaTone confirmed their legitimacy. Since then, another thread was created on VocaloidOtaku.[4]

In November of 2013, a survey to gauge potential interest in a French vocal was announced from VoxWave's Twitter. A secondary language choice was included in this survey: English or Japanese. The secondary language chosen in the survey was Japanese.[5]


On January 14, 2014, a demonstration of the provider's voice was uploaded by VoxWave. This was an a capella version of "Koibito wo Uchiotoshita Hi" from Sound Horizon (it should be noted that this is not the VOCALOID voice). It was later confirmed that there would be another demonstration with the voice actor in French.[6]

On the website, it was announced that crowdfunding for the product would be launched in March or April and would end in May. This would be to pay for the license and the voice provider, as well as for renting the recording studio; it was estimated that the total amount needed would not exceed €7000. Other costs would be covered by VoxWave.[7]

On January 31, 2014, a design contest was announced for ALYS.[8] The deadline for this contest was February 28, 2014, and the winner would receive €500 and a physical copy of ALYS. More info on the contest can be found.

On Feburary 15, 2014, another video was posted to VoxWave's YouTube channel which gave another sample of the voice provider, and also revealed the provider to be Poucet, a Youtube-based utaite.

On March 5, 2014, VoxWave revealed the silhouette for ALYS' design in their newsletter. The final design, as well as the 4 runner ups, was revealed on March 10.

More information about ALYS' development was revealed during a special presentation at the Japan Party Conference in Nanterre, Paris, France, held on March 15, 2014. Details about the planned development process included production costs, relations and contact with other VOCALOID-related companies (VocaTone,, and Voctro Labs), the preparation for the recording process as well as awaiting YAMAHA's response, and a brief overview of ALYS' concept as a fan community VOCALOID. The period of ALYS' projected release was also announced for early 2015.[9]

On July 12, 2014, Voxwave announced in a press release[10] that ALYS will finally be developed for CeVIO Creative Studio rather than VOCALOID3. They maintained a positive outlook on this because:

  • Possibility to make the voice speak as well as singing.
  • Possibility to use CeVIO Creative Studio Free, making the voice available for more people

However, it was confirmed that because of this change, the minimal amount of money for the crowdfunding will be much higher than what was announced, and VoxWave stated they do not know in how much time the voice will be available.

It was also said that ALYS is actually developed "on another software" that will not be publicly released and given to producers with an interest in making songs with her.



On March 12th, ALYS was released for Alter/Ego.

In December 2016, users who owned the French version of the vocal received an update. A Japanese update was confirmed to be in production and would later be released.

2017 Edit

On March 21st, a multipitch update of the original ALYS software, both French and Japanese, was released and distributed to owners of the original software. With the new update also came a limitation on the trial version of her software, allowing only 4 minutes of use per session.

Description Edit


She is a 21 year old young lady with dark blue hair, is 165cm tall, and her weight is 54kg. Alys is also described as an "Athena" avatar.[11]

According to VoxWave, the main reasons behind picking the design was that she:

  • Looks like a virtual singer while maintaining a human-like appearance
  • Fits ALYS's soft and dynamic voice 
  • Does not look too French, as to appeal to both French- and non-French-speaking people
  • Is easy for producers to adjust the design for PVs, Illustrations, etc.
  • Is manga-styled as to appeal to the Japanese audience, and acts as a bridge between French and Japanese cultures
  • The blue color scheme gives off a futuristic mood

VoxWave has also mentioned that the pearl on her braid was added by their request as a way to make ALYS stand out.[12]

Saphirya revealed that to create the design, she researched recent VOCALOIDs to see what she felt she should and shouldn't do. The headphones were originally meant to be mechanical flowers. She was also inspired by the character designs of Hyperdimsension Neptunia.[13]

The name "ALYS" was chosen because the company members thought it sounded pleasant and sweet. It was also said to be easy to pronounce, especially in French, Japanese, and English. VoxWave's website also suggests a connection to "a certain literary culture".[14] "ALYS" is a variant of the name "Alice", which possesses the meaning "of nobility". It originates from the Old French name "Adelais", which, in turn, is actually the derivation of the German name "Adalhaidis", or "Adelaide".


Vocal Information
ALYS is a female vocalist. This is the Japanese version of the vocal.

She is the counterpart for the upcoming vocal LEORA.

English Notes:
  • Was not recorded in this language, words will still register but will not correctly form and maintain a heavy French accent.
Japanese Notes:
  • Was recorded in this language.

Note; users can switch between her "(jp)" and "(fr)", Alys will maintain settings between each vocal. However, switching to any other vocal will reset all presets settings.

Known issues as noted:
  • English produced in this vocal is low quality.
  • Does not come with presets.
Voice Sample


ALYS JP By Infoholic

Vocal Information
Though the Alter/Ego engine is primarily in English and Japanese, the engine itself can support multiple synthesis methods. This opened up the doors for even new languages, allowing ALYS to occur. This is the French version of the vocal. This is the intended "main" vocal of the package and the main focus of the character of "Alys".

The idea of ALYS primarily intention was to bring the French language to the rest of the world. The reason she is French and Japanese bilingual is due to the friendly relationships between French-speaking cultures and Japan.

The vocal will default to this one when installed into Alter/Ego.

  • She was recorded in this language.
  • In December 2016, the vocal was improved and clarity was increased.

Note; users can switch between "(jp)" and "(fr)", Alys will maintain settings between each vocal. However, switching to any other vocal will reset all presets settings.

  • Base (sans Vib)
  • Base
  • Chorale
  • Diva
Voice Sample


ALYS FR by Infoholic

Alys may receive updates in the future.[15]


Demonstrations and Sound Samples

Lupin's Night youtube
Marche au pas Youtube


  • She has a pet called "Lupin".
  • Her demos with Plogue actually feature her UTAU vocal, when replying, Plogue apologized and explained that the web dep were the ones to upload the incorrect demos.[16]



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