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Alter/Ego is a vocal synthesizer by Plogue based on their popular and successful Chipspeech software. It is able to support multiple styles of synthesizer processes and is a stand-alone program and also available as a VST plugin of which additional vocals can be purchased for. It is currently made for English, Japanese and French.

You can try it yourself using the free vocal Bones. On October 5h, 2017, Plogue announced that LEORA would be the final voicebank developed for the engine.

Did you know?

You can get MS Voices in Alter/Ego?


From 31st October 2016, the default vocal for Alter/ego has been changed to Bones due to Daisy's retirement. She is no longer available for download.

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Last updated 22 Dec 2016

Current Alter/Ego News
  • Marie Ork receives new clean vocal (Nov 2017)
  • Plogue mentions they have made a UTAU -> Alter/ego converter, however it needs much more work (Nov 2017)
  • ALYS multipitch has been released! (Mar 2017)
  • Vers. 1.51 of Alter/ego released (Jan 2017)
  • NATA has been released! (Jan 2017)
  • Tera Eleki cancelled (Jan 2017)
  • Marie Ork has been released! (Dec 2016)
  • Bones released! (Nov 2016)
  • Important! On 31st October 2016, Daisy will be retired from download. Bones will become the default vocal of Alter/ego.
  • ALYS released (Mar 2016)
  • New vocals currently in the works!
    • Bones to receive a Chinese vocal (Dec 2016)
    • LEORA appears (Jul 9th 2016)
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