Daisy is a female vocal and the first ever revealed for the software. She is drawn by Pixoshiru.[1] She has English and Japanese capabilities. Since she was free and was the first vocal, she is the most common Alter/Ego vocal and arguably one of the two most famous vocals, the other being ALYS.

She was officially retired on 31st October 2016 and replaced with Bones as the default vocal for Alter/ego.

She was mostly a past default vocal.


Daisy was produced as an experimental voice. Her creation led to the development of a separate software to handle modern vocals, Alter/Ego.[2]

Daisy was unveiled on August 26th, 2015 as the first vocal for Alter/Ego. She was offered as a demonstration vocal and was distributed for free.[3] Alongside Alter/Ego itelf, she was released on 9th September 2015.[4]

Daisy was set up for retirement on 31st October 2016. The reason for her retirement was said to be technical related. Bones became the default vocal for Alter/ego instead.[5] Her copyright was also held by Crusher-P, who made the call to retire her.[6]

The original link to her download, however, will continue to work until 1st December 2016.

Description Edit


Daisy is a lonely time traveler and the estranged lover of Dandy 704 from Chipspeech. The Chipspeech characters bring her name up from time to time, and although Dandy has feelings for her, he has no memory of her.

In the worlds of Alter/ego and Chipspeech, Daisy is regarded as a temporal anomaly.[7]

According to Dee Klatt, Daisy used to get stressed out over colours and cats. She also used to say bad things but meant well.[8] She also has an unknown secret mission.[9] Spencer AL2 also noted when she left, codes appeared.[10] He also would like to find her to question her and would search for her if he could.[11]


Vocal Information
A female vocal, she was released as the first Alter/ego vocalist, she acted as the default Alter/ego vocal before eventually being retired and replaced with Bones.

She is the only Alter/ego vocal able to be registered for use in Chipspeech. This is because she was originally developed using the Chipspeech software and was an attempt to take the ARIA Engine in a different direction besides vintage synthesizer based vocals. She was released as the final "HD" vocal for Chipspeech, the other being "Lady Parsec HD".[12]

English Notes:
  • Was recorded in this language
Japanese Notes:
  • Was recorded in this language
  • Basic
  • Bunny
  • Choir
  • Diva
  • Gremlin
  • in the box
  • Male Baritone
  • Male Bass
  • Male Crooner
  • Male Tenor
  • Morphing Always
  • Octave morph
  • Sirens Alert
  • Star
  • Sweep Pad Male
  • Sweep pad
  • Vocoder
  • Whispering
Known issues as noted:
  • Contains a number of glitches an bugs due to being the equivalent of a "prototype".
  • Though daisy was retired as the default vocal for Alter/ego users will still be able to use her but she will not receive any new updates/support.[13]
    • Plogue have since noted that they will not give out her download even if asked and have asked people not to ask them for the link either. Users had until the 1st of December 2016 to dowload her if they knew the download URL.[14]
  • Registering her for Chipspeech is different to Alter/ego and users may have to read a "how to" guide in order to install her into this software.
    • Note that while other Chipspeech characters were later given the ability to talk, Daisy cannot.
Voice Sample



Demonstrations and Sound Samples

Quand Je Vais à L'épicerie. Soundcloud

Trivia Edit

  • Dandy 704 and Daisy's relationship is a nod to the song "Daisy Bell", which was sung by the IMB 704 of which Dandy is based upon. This was the first ever song sung by a computer. This is further backed up by Daisy's Twitter account being "Daisy__Bell_".
  • Being a time traveler is are reference to her ability to be imported into Chipspeech. Chipspeech is based on pre-90s vocal synthesizer technology and is focused on "the past" while Alter/Ego is focused on "the present-future".
  • The background of her Alter/ego version features her leaving a steam powered time machine. On it is a Back to the Future-style Flux Capacitor. It is quite difficult to see at times as depending on which interface is up depends on whether or not the detail is hidden. For example, the English/Japanese text input interface completely hides it.

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