LEORA is an upcoming French vocal for Alter/Ego.

Her release is currently to be confirmed, whilst pre-orders will open July 8th.

She is both the second French vocal, and the first bilingual French/English vocal. Both French and English will come with a "Core" and "Power" voicebank and each will be multipitch.

Description Edit

She is a counterpart for the vocal ALYS.

LEORA is designed with a more "rebellious" approach in mind to her character and embodies "Ares and Aphrodite" to Alys' "Athena" nature and covers concepts Alys cannot do. LEORA was also designed with in mind to learn how to improve ALYS. In short she is created to make ALYS' world more "dense".[2]


Several weeks before any announcement was made, cosplayers were sent pictures of the design.

She was first announced on June 30th 2016.[3]

On April 7th 2017 it was announced in a YouTube video uploaded onto VoxWave's account that LEORA would be bilingual in French and English, and each voicebank would come with a "Core" and "Power" multipitch voicebank, along with pre-alpha demos of the "Core" and "Power" French voicebanks uploaded separately. [4]

LEORA was launch the 8th April 2017. Only the French voice bank is actually available .


Vocal Information
LEORA is an upcoming female. This is the Core version of the French vocal. This is intended to be the default vocal in the LEORA Package.

She is the counterpart for ALYS.

  • Was recorded in this language.
Voice Sample

LEORA Core (fr)

LEORA Core French by ChrisBullshit

Vocal Information
  • She was recorded in this language.
Voice Sample

LEORA Power (fr)

LEORA Power French by ChrisBullshit



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