NATA is an English capable vocal for Alter/Ego, published by Vocallective. She was developed by a team consisting of Azureflux, Tora, and Uru.[2]


She was first announced on May 27, 2016.

In late July, Azureflux reported they were still working on her and were expecting to release her in 2016. More information would likely come in August.[3]

In October 2016 some information her demo video "New EP & NATA Update" mentioned that NATA came during a year of Azureflux not doing much in the way of music. He asked that expectations not be too high and that the vocal was an extension of himself and the voice provider. Since she was releasing in 2016, there was hope that more vocals would be released the following year. The development cycle was planned to be 7 months. Nata was due for release in a month or two. In the video, Azureflux played a tone demo which was previously shared with a selective few. On December 31, the first full demo of NATA was released. It was a cover of a song by Molly Nilsson called The Lonely. In the description of the upload on Azureflux's channel, it was mentioned that NATA would be released following week. [4]

She was released on January 11, 2017. This was reported by KVR, BPB and Rekkerd.

On September 27 2017, it was reported NATA had sold more then 100 copies, which was good news for her.[5]



Not much is currently known about NATA.

NATA's mascot is a ball called Niev. It contains an OS that processes English into the X-sampa and vice versa. Using Niev, NATA can synthesize in real time.[6]


Vocal Information
Nata is a young female adult vocal, she has a soft tone.
English Notes:
  • Was recorded in this language.
  • Has an improved reclist over Daisy and general engine improvements.
Japanese Notes:
  • Was not recorded in this language, words will still register but will not correctly form.


Demonstrations and Sound Samples

hello_azureflux_nice_to_finally_sing_to_you mp3
【NATA】 1/4 【Alter/Ego Original PV】 YouTube
[NATA] Oasis - Champagne Supernova YouTube
[NATA] AdyS - Convince YouTube
[NATA] Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head YouTube
[NATA] Cigarettes After Sex - Affection YouTube
[NATA] DarkFlameSquirrel - Toxic Love (feat. AlKaT) YouTube



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