Nayi Acacia is an upcoming German Alter/Ego

Her release is currently to be confirmed.

She is the 5th Alter/Ego voicebank capable of singing in English, the 1st Alter/Ego multilingual German, English and Mandarin voicebank and the 1st German Alter/ego voicebank

Her German voicebanks are "Natural" and "Lucid", English voicebanks are "Power" and "Chiptune" and her Mandarin voicbanks are "固体 (Gùtǐ, Solid)" and "清脆的耳语 (Qīngcuì de ěryǔ, Breathy Whisper).

About Edit

Nayi Acacia biography is yet to release

History Edit

Announced by Anaya Lowe on December 22, 2017, she's been confirmed to be in the works via Twitter post on January 9, 2018.

Her voicebanks are still being recorded.

Voice Edit

Character Edit

She lives in the Multidimensional Night sky in Paris, France.

Her Chinese name is "Nàyī jīn héhuān/纳伊金合欢" and her German name is "Nayi Akazie".

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