Tera Eleki (エレキテラ) was a female Japanese vocal produced by Tora and was voiced by a native Japanese speaker. She was the second vocal ever revealed for the software.

Description Edit


She was programmed for Japanese, though her vocal would respond to English phonetics and produce an obvious Japanese accent. Once complete, she was intended to be offered for free as a download for the software.


A song was first uploaded onto Soundcloud on 7th September 2015. The vocal had been in development for a while and was still in the process of having faults removed such as hissing sounds.[1]

On September 9th 2016, in answer to a query on her, Tera was still in development. Her voice was in the process of having new recordings added to sweeten the results.[2]

On December 2016, it was confirmed in the comments of her Soundcloud demo that Tera was cancelled due to issues concerning quality.


Demonstrations and Sound Samples

エレキテラ/Tera Eleki - 愛 (Creep-P) Soundcloud


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