VERA will be an English vocal, developed and published by Vocallective.



Currently both NATA and VERA face controversy claims.

Further reading on the matter:

  • Various tweets and statements accusing Azureflux of these controversies are here
  • Azureflux's counter statement also can be read here where he explains the events.

The wikia asked readers not to jump to conclusions and allow Azureflux and Plogue, as well as everyone else involved, to sort these things out.

One definite note is that the current situation means that Vera is considered by Plogue themselves as an unofficial vocal, while Plogue has asked everyone to not support unofficial projects. She joins NATA who became unsupported in 2017 by Plogue. They have not accepted any new projects since 2016. Azure has stated privately to the bureaucrat of the wiki that he does have evidence that he had permission from Plogue to release VERA.

This has been acknowledged by Azureflux, however, he is continuing to try to sell her and has her on pre-order currently despite Plogue's plea for customers not to support unofficial projects.

Officially the last two vocals as declared by Plogue were Marie Ork "clear voice" and LEORA. VERA's by Azure, however, pre-dated this declaration and VERA has been worked upon ever since, Plogue has not acknowledge VERA at all.



Not much is currently known about VERA

She is a 24 year old female, capable to sing in english

Has a red/orange color hair

Her eyes are a degrading green color with sharp pupils

A formal green dress with a soft colored pattern

She uses a pair of white tights


Vocal Information
VERA is a female vocal.
English Notes:
  • Was recorded in this language.
Japanese Notes:
  • Was not recorded in this language.
Known issues as noted:


Demonstrations and Sound Samples

Dreaming Chuchu [1]


Her voice provider is confirmed to be Alice.16.




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